The Liminal Space of The Runner 2013

A body of work, drawings and video created 2012 – 13, exploring the parallels between running and drawing…

There seems to be so many similarities [between running and making art]; both require discipline; commitment and often there’s a struggle involved. Its about being human – feeling vulnerable or strong. For me its a confrontation with myself – finding something out of nothing. A man asked me about the work I made in relation to running; he said it seemed painful and dark. I replied that often it was – you try to push boundaries,  go somewhere new, beyond what you think you can do… its that moment between keeping going and stopping. Its the question. But its not all pain – there is an element of release and of existence in another realm – running and art can take you to another space.  Most of all its a force that involves heart, head and hand (body) just as it is in the process of drawing… trusting your instinct, finding focus – an expression of energy and passion.’    Sharon Kelly February 2013

The works on paper were executed in pencil, charcoal, graphite, watercolour and gouache.

Review of exhibition at The Gallery, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast February 2013, published by Slavka Sverakova:

The inspiration for the series developed from the experience of both solitary runs in the landscape around Belfast and from structured training sessions with The City of Lisburn Athletics Club, with whom the artist runs in regularly. The work is dedicated to the Club’s endurance coach, Eric Frizzell. Opened by John T Glover, Past President of Athletics Northern Ireland when exhibited at The Gallery, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast 2013.








For further images from this body of work:

The Running Suite I

The Running Suite II

The Running Suite III

The Running Suite IV

The Running Suite V













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